Fenix Finance

Welcome to the next valuation cross chain & Yield farming platform.



Fenix Finance is a new generation DeFi (Multichain) project that combines a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, an automatic market maker protocol (AMM), a yield farming platform, and even an NFT marketplace.

Fenix Finance allows quick expansion of this range by adding new pools, new farms, partner projects, and even completely new spheres of activity. The goal of the Fenix team is to create an ecosystem that can offer any DeFi enthusiast a way to generate income that is suitable for them.

The Masterchef contract of Fenix Finance is also involved in profitable farming, the profit from which is distributed among all participants of the project's pools and farms, providing them with an additional source of income.

The token burning mechanism protects farmers from market-induced risks - it mitigates possible drops in the FenixSwap token exchange rate, and also ensures its stable growth.

Removing the Migrator function and implementing a Timelock of 24 hours removes entirely the risk of a rug pull as we want Fenix farmers to farm without risks.

Burning mechanism

  • Deposit fee will be charged at staking & will be used to purchase Fenix and burnt


  • We hope to create Fenix for everyone to farm from it! earn Fenix and other coins while staking.


  • Removed migrator code

  • Timelock added to contract at launch